Comfy Easter '24

The COMFY EASTER BATCH is coming and Phantom Lure presents you three new vinyl releases for this seasonal spirit!


  • MUSHROOM VILLAGE - Mushroom Wonderland LP


The first full album by this piano-based comfy synth artist. After a few EPs and split releases, MV returns to the scene with a fantastic, boundary pushing psychedelic comfy album that can easily be stated as their best work yet. From dreamy, soft piano melodies to upbeat synth songs… This album is an absolute pleasure to listen to and brings a sense of wonder and joy.


  • TINY MOUSE - A Ragtime Dream… LP


Your favourite comfy rodent comes back from his winter hibernation and travels the astral planes between dream and reality. This album perfectly intertwines the classic Tiny Mouse sound and his rather zany and upbeat take on ragtime blues. The songs pop in and out of a dreamworld, serving as a fantastic collection of tunes, carefully crafted by the smallest paws in the business.


  • VICTORIAN SPECTER - The Sower in Open Fields LP


An enchanting album of dreamy, prosperous comfy synth with influences of Berlin School and dark ambient. Combining Victorian Specter’s two latest EPs on one vinyl disc with side A “The Sower” EP and side B the “Open Fields” EP. Like an album that tells its tale in two parts, both EPs blend perfectly in a cohesive parable of renewal as spring is the perfect time to sow the seeds on those fertile, open fields…

All vinyls have been carefully remastered by Dan Eaton at Little Castle Mastering and sound absolutely fantastic.


We’ll also be offering bundle of these releases with exclusive bonus items… More to be revealed ASAP.


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