Comfy Season — December '23 Batch

The new releases are out now!

DEEP GNOME • THREE LITTLE CAVIES • MUSHROOM VILLAGE • GOOSE MOTHER AVAILABLE IN THESE 3 STORES: EU: Phantom Lure (Belgium) USA/CAN: Out of Season (Maine) UK: Crypt of the Wizard (London)

The comfy season batch is also available as a vinyl bundle, including a bonus ¿MYSTERY?¿CASSETTE? by Who Knows? Also available, GOOSE MOTHER'S X-MAS SPECIAL LTD. CASSETTE, ONLY AVAILABLE THIS ADVENT SEASON ! (note, this cassette is not included in the bundle) + Deep Gnome longsleeve + Phantom Lure winter hat + Big distro update with new titles from Shadows Linger, Ixiol, Livor Mortis, Out of Season, Dungeons Deep, and more!

This is our last drop of the year! All orders will be processed ASAP. Thank you so, so much for being part of this awesome year. Phantom Lure would be nowhere without the massive support by all of you. It is an absolute delight and privilege to run this label. With 2024 just around the corner, we will start announcing new releases soon. Meanwhile, keep sharing our releases online and offline, with friends and family. - May The Comf Be With You! Phantom Lure out.

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