Comfy Wizard LP on recycled vinyl


Not only are we super stoked to be releasing Comfy Wizard’s debut album ‘Wizards, Gnomes, Elves & Tombs’ ~ we have an exciting new variant ready, a special REBOUND VARIANT.

Yes, it’s black vinyl BUT there’s more:

We have teamed up with Full Court Vinyl and Dunk Pressing to make this 100% post-consumer, recycled vinyl.

What does this mean?

“In a world that demands eco-conscious solutions, we’ve stepped up. In addition to virgin black granulate, we are the only company in Belgium to have developed black granulate that comes 100% from post consumer vinyl, ‘Rebound’, reducing our environmental footprint while maintaining the highest sound quality.”
- Full Court Vinyl

This means old, recycled black vinyl records were hacked and sliced to pieces to create this 100% post-consumer vinyl! Wow!

This is quite unique, and to our knowledge, has not been done before. We hope to bring more of these kind of ‘Rebound’ vinyls with future releases. Don’t worry, we’ll still keep producing amazing and unique splatter variants in the future but this eco-friendly vinyl is an exciting and great step into the future of vinyl records and we are happy to contribute to this cause.

This album will release at the end of February, an exact date will be announced soon!

More info on Full Court Vinyl can be found here:

Listen to Comfy Wizard's album here:

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