Three new names for Lure Fest

We are thrilled to announce another three acts that will be performing on Lure Fest 2024 in Antwerpen, Belgium. The exact location and ticket service will be soon be revealed.

These masters of melodic British black metal will be bringing their intense sound to our European soil for the first time. You can rest assure this live band is on the top of their game, bare witness to their latest album “The Killing Room”.

Load up your Runescape and select your player. This British wizard trio plays amazing RPG inspired dungeon synth, ranging beyond the borders its genre. With a mix of a frolic violin, warm horns and playful drums, they create a spectacle of blissful arrangements to make your heart beat in excitement.

Cumulus clouds transporting a heavy rain of frogs over Belgium... Behold, Max Grody and the Frog Fellowship will hop over the big pond and bring you a frog concert full of of croaks, squeaks and “amphibient”. From those slumbering sounds to froggy’s gentle lullabies, we are calling out all the crystalline squeakers to the front of the stage.

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