WOE BATHER signs to Phantom Lure

New announcement! Dark and depressive black metal entity WOE BATHER has signed to Phantom Lure for a series of vinyl releases. We're working hard behind the scenes to release some of their work in or around spring/summer 2024.

"Lone US-artist The Hermit brings a searing melancholy intertwined with propulsive percussion and insistently catchy riffs that pull you along with the current of surging momentum. Not only is this defined by its mournfully triumphant stride, but also a queasily uneasy sense of the eerie, otherworldy and supernatural." - Transmissions From The Dark

WOE BATHER is currently working on a new album which we will launch together. Meanwhile, the first thing that is planned is the long-awaited vinyl edition of "OH ACHLYS PLEASE LOVE ME ONCE MORE".

Check our WOE BATHER on Bandcamp here.

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