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Deep Gnome - Wanderlore cassette

You find yourself on the shores of a fantasy landscape, where woodlands in the distance beckon you yonder, and plumes of soke signal life, camaraderie, merriment, mischief, and perhaps should the keener adventure seeker follow their nerve, no small amount of mysteries to lose yourself in. This is the world of Deep Gnome, and the latest chapter of tales spun through melancholy melody, medieval reverie, imbued with the halcyon glow of well-worn stories passed through generations. A delightful soundscape, marvellously illustrated with artwork and design by @srebrna.brzoza (and a cool logo by @tenuous_ghoul). Explore, among these earthy, gnomish tones for a while friend, before we depart towards or final destination in just a brief while. Where we are headed may not offer quite so many home comforts as the welcoming whimsy of these five delightful compositions.

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