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phantom lure

Grinning God / Spider God - Split cassette

Grinning God / Spider God - Split cassette

Phantom Lure is pleased to release this spilt between Grinning God and Spider God. This GOD-tier split brings forth some of the best material both bands have produced so far, creating an atmosphere of mystery and tension, ranging from death rock to black metal.

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s masked masterpiece ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, this collaborative effort goes beyond a regular split of two bands as in some parts of these recordings, the band members appear doing guest vocals in each other's tracks.

Clean vocals intertwine with shrieks of madness on Germany’s Grinning God side. Founded by Sardonicus as a Rope Sect side-project, this band has released one EP so far. They continue their unique sound of death rock with exuberance and true elegance.

U.K.’s Spider God has been taking the black metal world by storm with some raging releases for Repose Records and Death Prayer Records. Their critically acclaimed covers album ‘Black Renditions’ has created a shockwave throughout the world and their 3-part series of Bergman inspired EP’s has ripped a hole in the U.K.’s black metal scene.

Vinyl version is currently in production.

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