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Quest Master - The Twelve Castles, The Twelve Temples [2xCD]

Quest Master - The Twelve Castles, The Twelve Temples [2xCD]

The definitive double CD reissue of Quest Master's most accomplished works to date, presented in a special gatefold 8-panel CD box cover. Courtesy of Out Of Season with exclusive European distribution by Phantom Lure.

'The Twelve Castles' is a continuation and refinement of the sounds and ideas explored in 'Lost Songs of Distant Realms'. A love letter to the RPG's of the 1990's, recorded with classic Casio and Yamaha keyboard tones.

'The Twelve Temples' is a continuation of the ideas explored in previous works and serves as a sister album to ‘The Twelve Castles’. Using classic Casio and Yamaha keyboards and an added focus on FM Synthesis, the album draws heavily from the soundtracks of early N64 and PSX games.

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