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Phantom Lure & Repose

BYZANTIUM - A Seamless Robe CD

BYZANTIUM - A Seamless Robe CD

Repose Records and Phantom Lure present BYZANTIUM: Avant-Garde Black Metal inspired by the Saints of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church.

BYZANTIUM blends progressive rock and black metal with instruments such as keyboards, flutes, violins, samples, and electronic effects alongside the traditional guitar, bass, and drums setup.

Their debut album, 'A Seamless Robe,' draws inspiration from the life of Saint Anthony (3rd-4th century), an early desert monk who faced relentless demonic attacks during his solitary retreat. St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria, documented his struggle and deliverance. In the face of overwhelming demonic forces, Saint Anthony remained unwavering, proclaiming his faith in God. A radiant light eventually dispelled the demons, and he emerged stronger. This tale exemplifies the enduring power of faith against evil forces.

Join BYZANTIUM on a musical journey through faith, struggle, and triumph.

Comes as a 6-panel digipack CD, glass-mastered and pro-duplicated.

UK & US buyers, please buy directly from Repose Records — they ship internationally.
US buyers can also get this CD from Out of Season in Portland, Maine.

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