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phantom lure

CURTA'N WALL - Crododile Moat... And Moar! LP

CURTA'N WALL - Crododile Moat... And Moar! LP

A repress of the demo collection “Crocodile Moat… and Moar!” by CURTA’N WALL.

Cooking-up some garage stomping black metal punk with members from OLD NICK & The GRIME STONE FAMILY... Abysmal Specter's CURTA'N WALL hits us with some gnarly, raw and un-edited demo material. 

Originally released in 2023 as a boxset exclusive of Siege Ubsessed, this collection contains all the early CW demos, finally available for individual purchase!

Available in 3 different variants:
• Red Smoke
• Ultra Clear
• Black

US buyers can get this album from here: OUT OF SEASON, Maine

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