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Phantom Lure & Out of Season

ELRIC - The Eternal Champion LP

ELRIC - The Eternal Champion LP

A dungeon synth love letter to Michael Moorcock's ELRIC series... Sword and Sorcery at it's best, the Eternal Champion series are considered a cult classic. Out of Season and Phantom Lure are proud to present the long-awaited reissue of this musical RPG tabletop classic, 8-bit dungeon synth relic. Includes all three ELRIC releases on one vinyl LP.

These recordings already hark back to 2016-2017, back when the dungeon synth was just a few lone crawlers in a tavern or inn. Yes, for the O.G.'s in the scene, these Elric recordings are considered "classic" and further more, these early Elric demos were featured in Bandcamp's pivotal article "A Guide Through the Darkened Passages of Dungeon Synth" By Robert Newsome on March 30, 2017

"It’s safe to say that fantasy literature and role-playing games (the tabletop and the video variety) loom large in the world of Dungeon Synth, and Elric expertly combines both of them. Inspired by the chiptune soundtracks of games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana as well as (obviously) the fantasy novels of Michael Moorcock, Elric’s music is the perfect soundtrack to crawling through (16-bit) alcoves, searching for abandoned potions and treasure while trying to avoid the hungry ghouls hidden in the shadows.”

Available in two colour variants: pastel green and yellow, including a big artwork poster by Wilhelm Arts.

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