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phantom lure

Malfet - The Way To Avalon LP

Adventurous and pastoral dungeon synth, Phantom Lure in collaboration with Rabauw is proud to present this glorious vinyl edition of Malfet's The Way To Avalon;
The Way to Avalon describes the journey from the known into the unknowable - abandoning familiar comforts and embracing the call to adventure. The Forest of medieval literature represented something quite different to that of the English Romantics - not simply a place of idyllicism or awe-inspiring beauty, but also an edifice of darkness, wrought with danger and unseen magical forces. Avalon itself is a mystical and wild place that may or may not even be “real” - only those fae folk who remember and practice the old ways may even find it.
The epoch of Arthur and his knights takes place in a cataclysmic time when the solar forces of civilization and Christianity began to drive out the more lunar druidic cults and cast light onto those once-dark sylvan places, extinguishing their mysteries forever. But in certain places, one may still sense that old magic, pulsing among the trees like a benevolent effluvium. These moments must be sought after in earnest - Malfet seeks to capture some small part of the exaltation and wonder that is found among the sunbeams breaking through a verdant canopy, brilliant and strange.
Amidst the oaks and beeches of Broceliande, it is said that Merlin cast a spell of rejuvenation to join his long-lost love in a lifetime of bliss. We too, may find ourselves restored in some small way between the rocks and trees on our way to Avalon.

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