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Midnight Betrothed - Death...My Faithful Bride [CD]

Midnight Betrothed (AUS) presents its second full-length album, "Death...My Faithful Bride", containing six new tracks of dark romanticism in praise of moonlit tragedy and forlorn love.

Fronted by The Seer (Lament in Winter's Night, Vrörsaath etc.), Midnight Betrothed further refines its unique blend of 'Sombre Romantic Black Metal' throughout this sophomore album, bringing forth overtures of funeral erotica and deathly fantasia.

"Death...My Faithful Bride" will be initially released on limited cassette tape through The Seer's label, Atrocity Altar, in mid-April 2023 through Northern Silence Productions.

Collector's Edition in 4-panel digipack with 8-page booklet.

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