Mürmurio / Drug Darkness - Mindfestering Shades LP

Mürmurio / Drug Darkness - Mindfestering Shades LP

A pact in narcotic blood, binding these two excellent projects: Mürmurio, solo act of Garde Noire mastermind, Tksräa M., here with the follow up release to the outstanding Demo I; and Drug Darkness, the main moniker of the tyrant of BSoD revivalism.

Mürmuio presents us a single track of almost 19 minutes of abysmal, mid-paced Raw Black Metal infused with LLN-esque Black Ambient and some elements of Industrial music. Absolutely transcendental dirge into realms of death, through a slow but hypnotic descent conveyed by the crawling drums and the incredibly mind warping keyboards.

Drug Darkness delivers also a single track, intertwining her trademark ultra distorted and crazed Ambient madness with Synth-heavy Raw Black Metal psychedelia, often with barely audible if no percussion.

Co-released on cassette format between Asylum Tenebris and Junkie and Proud. Released on 12'' LP format through Narbentage Produktionen

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