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Inferna Profundus

NACHTLICH - Third Ritual [CD]

Third Ritual is the grave stomping carrion call of the unliving ghast grume. An evocative alchemical fusion of bass heavy raw black metal and eerie atmospheric ambient ministrations, Nachtlich here truly awakens to the rotting majesty within; wielding putrescence of power chord, zombie shamble of percussion, penetration of shrieking oration, crypt shake of bass, fungal dissonance of production and ennui enlightenment of subversive synth. Dedicated to the true ways of the ancient, U.E carves a path familiar, yet unique in its twists and turns of labyrinthine composition, contrasting spectral synth passages with mid-pace of raw black metal massacre. Raw, stripped down and rancid—Nachtlich’s Third Ritual is the triune damnation triumphant.

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