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phantom lure

PERFUME - Oil Lamp Catastrophe I+II LP

PERFUME - Oil Lamp Catastrophe I+II LP

Raw, harsh and daring... psychedelic noise floods the twilight-lit murky corridors with the oil lamp as your trusted guide. PERFUME brings a manic mixture of avant-garde power electronics and pulsating sound waves, the key ingredients into the desired formula of aural assault. Zoned-out, dark and ritualistic ambient snippets with hints of raw, rhythmic overdrive, bundles forth a great and original mix, grabbing you by the throat and smacking you against a wall of noise. This vinyl edition compiles both 'Oil Lamp Catastrophe' releases on side A and the B side is full of other demos, outtakes, tracks from split releases and an unreleased bonus track.

Available in two variants: Hyperspace Splatter and Grey Marble

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