His Wounds

SERPENT OF THE ABYSS - Wrapped in Darkness LP

SERPENT OF THE ABYSS - Wrapped in Darkness LP

The debut release from this mysterious act.

Supreme intense Lo-fi chaos.

Experimental in a sense, the guitar progressions are totally mind-blowing, not because of the dissonances in it but in a way it is as if you are blindfolded and thrown to place after place randomly, there’s no guessing just let go with the melody to see what becomes of you.
The guitar is the spice of this album, and you become hooked to know how it will end, which path will be used.
But have no doubt that the vocals are not far from incredible as well and fuel this hypnotic atmosphere or even the drums that are slightly hidden but also contribute to bringing the harshness and helping to balance out the music.

A release that should be rather experienced than described

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