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Shades Of Vrsaj'Kett - Vengeful Spirit Black Metal 12" EP

Shades Of Vrsaj'Kett - Vengeful Spirit Black Metal 12" EP

Five hymns of tormented raw black metal, heralded by delicate pianosong performed by én glasse, obliterated by the wrath of the enigmatic spectres responsible for the lucid primitivism of this ode to the terrors of the dark.

According to The Hollowed Wraith, one of its two members, Shades of Vrasj’kett “is meant to represent the once dead and deceived coming to life once more in spirit form to take vengeance on those who wronged them. In this case, the City of Vrsaj’kett is where these spirits, or ‘Shades’ derive from, and all that enter near or around it will be cursed & plagued with death.

This grim, tormented sound is illuminated with another stellar artwork from the eminent Rotting Reign. 

Available as dark green marble with white splatter and regular black vinyl editions. The limited splatter version comes with a special obi-strip. Only 1 copy per variant per buyer or your order will be cancelled!

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