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SPIFE - Songs About Fyelings LP

SPIFE - Songs About Fyelings LP

Spife’s mystical and psychedelic folk record. Let’s gather around the campfire with Spife, Samuel and the Fyelings and sing about their mystical fantasy world in full glory. Spife's ancient, Celtic-inspired music feels secret–something you keep in your pocket for comfort and share with no one else. Whispered directly to your heart from your ears, Spife's music is the feeling of love and the loss that comes after it all at once.

Available in two variants, includes lyric sheet

• multi colour splatter vinyl with numbered OBI*
• cream white vinyl


*splatter/OBI edition also available in the BUNDLE OF JOY (March releases)

UK buyers can get this from Crypt of the Wizard
US buyers can get this from Out of Season


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