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phantom lure

WOE BATHER - Oh Achlys Please Love Me Once More LP

WOE BATHER - Oh Achlys Please Love Me Once More LP

Lone US-artist The Hermit's sophomore album as Woe Bather bring us an eclectic slice of raw black metal, to channel the author’s primordial anguish in relentless captivating form. Four long-form untitled tracks build slowly through the ambient opening, towards the euphoric rushes offered by DSBM; of searing melancholy intertwined with propulsive percussion and insistently catchy riffs that pull you along with the current of surging momentum. Not only is this defined by its mournfully triumphant stride, but also a queasily uneasy sense of the eerie, otherworldy and supernatural – the concluding reveal of which shall be offered to those purchasing the digital release in a secret bonus track that hides a cover version of the inspiration for some themes of this release.

Available in two variants:
• OBI edition on splatter vinyl
• Transparent Violet with Black Smoke

All vinyls come with a big A2-size poster and Woe Bather sticker.


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