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Signal Rex

Zwarte Dood - Demo Compilation LP

Demo compilation of this obscure Belgian, raw and noisy black metal act. 13 tracks in total.

First demo entitled “Van Kaïn’s Zaad”. 4 Tracks of Pure Unfiltered Misanthropic Hatred in Honour of Death and Darkness! Zwarte Dood aims to bring back the True Spirit of early 90’s Black Metal through the Conjuring of Destructive, Mystical and Elite Ancient Spirits. Released August 2018. Second demo entitled “Voor Zijn Glorie”.Descending Deeper in The Abyss with Passion, Sin and Forbidden Wisdom, it still oozes Nostalgic 90’s Black Metal. Zwarte Dood keeps spreading Pure Unfiltered Misanthropic Hatred in a Romanticist Way through 4 New Tracks. Released November 2018

All copies come on gold vinyl with silkprinted covers and insert. Limited and numbered.

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